Technical Support

Providing a B2B technology platform is not just about selling software: we believe that licensing is the beginning of a long-term partnership.

We believe in quality, not quantity. Because we are working with large professional projects and companies (instead of hordes of amateur developers), we take an individual approach to every one of them.

Direct Technical Support

Members of the UNIGINE development team support our customers directly. Since we concentrate on working with a limited number of professional companies, our support team provides enough personal care for each of our customers. There are also different levels of service available, including high-priority ones.

Professional Community

The UNIGINE Developer Community portal enables interaction among developers and allows them to find information, share experiences, and collaborate on the development of best ideas and practices. We are happy to see the highly professional community working on world-class projects and growing every month.

Manuals and Tutorials

There are hundreds of articles inside the UNIGINE Reference Manual, including full documentation on more than 5,000 functions of the UNIGINE API, updated on a regular basis, and a lot of step-by-step tutorials on various topics.

Demos and Content Libraries

The SDK includes more than 500 feature usage examples, including engine integration into different applications (Qt, SDL, etc). There are also various content samples, including visual demos, SFX and material libraries, and ready-to-use 3D assets.

Frequent SDK Updates

Updates and enhancements to UNIGINE are delivered regularly. Many new features found in the UNIGINE SDK come directly from client feedback, and we are dedicated to making all of our customers' projects successful.

Clean Codebase

We are proud of our codebase quality: both API and the engine internals are clean, robust and very easy to understand. This guarantees quick integration with your existing code.

On-Site Training

Since on-site training is the most efficient way to speed up initial integration in certain cases, we can send our experienced trainers to your development site. This type of service can be limited depending on the region.

VIP Service

We are open to providing extra service to VIP customers.

Please also refer to the professional solutions section.