Visual Realism

Every 3D asset looks near-photorealistic with the UNIGINE image generator due to sophisticated shading and lighting models, accurate atmosphere model, advanced special effects and lifelike post-processing.

When the goal is to make users unable to determine whether the image is real or generated by a computer, UNIGINE 2 is the right technology for that.

Image courtesy of Mumbear

Physically Based Rendering

  • Support for both specular and metalness workflows
  • GGX BRDF: realistic speck from light sources
  • Fresnel reflections, reflections on rough surfaces
  • Energy conservation model
  • Microfiber effect for fabric
  • Ultra-quality environment probes

Advanced Design

  • Support for different graphical APIs, maximizing the use of each platform's capabilities:
    • DirectX
    • OpenGL
  • Combines advantages of different rendering approaches:
    • Deferred (perfect performance with numerous dynamic lights)
    • Forward (best-quality transparent objects, other advanced effects)
  • Configurable rendering pipeline
  • Extendable with custom HLSL/GLSL shaders

Cinematic Post-Effects

  • Temporal Anti-Aliasing (TAA)
  • Screen Space Raytracing Reflections (SSRR)
  • Per-pixel Screen-Space Ambient Occlusion (SSAO)
  • Global illumination simulation via Screen-Space Directional Occlusion (SSDO)
  • Per-object motion blur
  • Chromatic aberrations
  • Grain effect
  • Sharpness filter

Atmosphere Model

  • Atmospheric light scattering based on Rayleigh and Mie models, with support for physical parameters such as turbidity, altitude, depolarization and more
  • Dynamic time-of-day model
  • Earth curvature simulation
  • Dynamic weather effects, including wind affecting objects, rain, lightning, and snow
  • Night sky with the moon and correlated stars
  • Volumetric 3D clouds with shadows

Vegetation Rendering

  • Excellent rendering of vast, detailed masses of vegetation
  • Special materials for trees, grass and moss
  • Vegetation animation
Image courtesy of Twinmotion
Image courtesy of Twinmotion

Geometry Water

  • Geometry waves (Beaufort scale 0-12)
  • Shoreline simulation
  • Ship wake waves
  • Underwater mode
  • Subsurface light scattering
  • Waterline


There is real-time sensor effects emulation of optical sensors in the EO or IR passband:

  • Thermal
  • Enhanced Night Vision
  • FLIR