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Versatile Platform

UNIGINE is a full-featured platform for interactive, real-time 3D applications, with a comprehensive assortment of useful functions available right out of the box. It also provides an excellent degree of flexibility, which is crucial for the multi-purpose technology platform because every complex project is special.


Develop and deploy on various operating systems:

  • Windows
  • Linux

Standard Data Formats

UNIGINE uses performance-optimized proprietary data formats in runtime and also supports industry-standard 3D data formats such as OpenFlight, COLLADA, FBX and others.

Our flexible import pipeline can be adapted to the processes used in your project. Both direct export from DCC packages such as 3ds Max, Maya, and import of various intermediate formats such as OBJ, are supported.

Moreover, UNIGINE data formats for 3D geometry and animation data are fully documented and have a C++ API for extension or conversion, if needed. Extensible XML data structures are used for additional flexibility and easy interoperability with other application frameworks.


UNIGINE 2 can be embedded as a high-quality viewport into your existing C++ / C# application. It is designed to work that way, unlike game engines.

There are various embedding samples available in the SDK, including Qt and SDL integration.

Image courtesy of Twinmotion

Powerful API

Developers have the freedom to choose among powerful UNIGINE APIs:

  • C++ API for maximum performance and seamless integration with the existing code base
  • C# API for a good balance between speed and ease of use
  • Fast iterative scripting with UnigineScript, featuring instant compilation and thousands of useful functions

All APIs are well-documented and have numerous usage examples.

Plugin Architecture

Different plugins add support for various input and output devices, various data formats, and more.

UnigineEditor, the WYSIWYG virtual world editor, also supports plugins, further extending functionality.

Physics Engine

Enable your 3D world to interact with users using the powerful UNIGINE Physics toolset. Deliver not only the look, but also the feel with a fast, robust and full-featured physics module:

  • Collision detection and rigid body physics
  • Rag dolls
  • Various joints, motors and springs
  • Deformable cloth and rope physics
  • Dynamic destruction of objects
  • Force fields
  • Fluid buoyancy and two-way interaction
  • Time reverse feature
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Traffic System

  • Multiple lanes
  • Two-way and one-way roads
  • Arbitrary crossroads (T-shaped intersections, roundabouts, etc.)
  • Multi-level roads
  • Speed limit zones
  • Overtaking prohibition zones
  • Priority signs
  • Configurable traffic lights


Any AI agent can use our built-in pathfinding module, featuring dynamic obstacle management and deferred route detection. The system works with both 2D and 3D pathfinding.


UNIGINE comes with a full toolset:

  • UnigineEditor, the WYSIWYG visual world editor
  • Converters for 2D and 3D data formats
  • Terrain import tools
  • Plugins for 3D editors (3ds Max, Maya, Softimage)
  • A set of data optimization utilities

Graphic User Interface

There are two ways to implement GUIs in UNIGINE-powered applications:

  • Native GUI (comprehensive set of widgets with 2D/3D effects and localization support)
  • Integration into Qt applications
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Audio System

Additional immersion is provided by a multi-channel sound system with support for various 3D effects, sound occlusion and multiple reverberation zones.


Articulated parts can be controlled programmatically by means of our C++ API or UnigineScript code or via visual configuration (our Skinner tool). There is also support for importing skinned mesh animation from different standard formats.

Mixed Scenarios

Thanks to its unsurpassed flexibility, UNIGINE is a perfect solution for combined arms operations, where seamless simulation is performed for air, land and naval warfare.

For architects, the same technology framework enables both large-scale urban planning and interior design visualization.

Minimal Third-Party Dependencies

All UNIGINE modules are created in-house, so there is full control over the codebase, allowing fast bug fixes and easy migration to different platforms without long waits for updates from other third-party software vendors.