Outstanding performance is the hallmark of UNIGINE; it can do much more with less hardware, drastically reducing total cost of ownership.

Complex Scenes

Perfect handling of complex scenes (a lot of parts, enormous polygon count) is a speciality of UNIGINE - both by runtime engine and in the toolset:

  • CAD data
  • 3D scanner output
  • Photogrammetry data

The engine detects the number of CPU cores available and distributes the load among all of them, thanks to an efficient multi-threaded design. As a result, the engine is capable of handling hundreds of thousands of dynamic objects on-screen simultaneously.


UNIGINE utilizes all hardware resources available in the most efficient way; it is scalable from integrated GPUs to top-tier multi-channel PCs.

UNIGINE supports up to the past five generations of GPUs with performance optimizations in the renderer for various vendors. There is also support for both consumer-level and professional GPUs (Quadro and FireGL series).

Our UNIGINE-powered GPU benchmarks are considered one of the best applications available to utilize all GPU.

Fast Data Import

UNIGINE 2 beats other technologies with it is lighting fast loading of complex 3D data, 5-8 times faster.

This enables faster creative iterations over the content, resulting in better quality of the project.

Cooperation with Hardware Vendors

UNIGINE Corp. is the developer of performance benchmarks, which are used by tens of millions users worldwide.

Over the years UNIGINE Corp. has been working in close cooperation with the engineering teams of leading hardware vendors, including AMD, Apple, Intel and NVIDIA:

  • Early access to future hardware
  • Thorough performance analysis
  • Cooperation of engineering teams on optimization
  • Video driver optimizations for UNIGINE-powered applications
  • Compatibility reports