UNIGINE 2 integrates seamlessly with highly-immersive Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) hardware allowing incomparably more natural experience and greater cognitive involvement into situation you have prepared. Provide the user of your applications with direct interaction in virtual environment.

Oculus Rift and HTC Vive

UNIGINE 2 provides full support for popular Oculus Rift (including Oculus Touch controllers) and HTC Vive hardware out-of-the box.

As other VR headsets emerges on the market, you'll get their support automatically with SDK updates.

Immersive Output

Output anywhere, including native support for stereoscopy and asymmetric projection:

  • Curved screens
  • Monitor walls
  • CAVEs
  • VR headsets
  • All sorts of stereo 3D systems

Easy Data Input

UNIGINE support various input devices, in addition to standard PC keyboards and mice:

  • Oculus Touch
  • HTC Vive controllers
  • Multi-touch screens
  • Gamepads and joysticks
  • Hundreds of VR input devices via VRPN protocol
  • Head trackers
  • Motion capture devices (both optical and inertial ones)

    Creative Power

    The power and flexibility of UNIGINE technology framework enables creativity in unexplored ways, allowing creation of amazing virtual reality experiences - from industrial applications to entertainment and art.

    Proven Technology

    The UNIGINE technology has been tailored and proven effective for the

    simulation and virtual reality industries by years of usage. Since 2005, these features have been refined in close cooperation with our customers on various worldwide simulation, training, and VR projects.