Image courtesy of INNOSIMULATION


Virtual training helps vehicle operators to build the right set of skills to:

  • Drive a vehicle
  • Follow traffic regulations
  • Operate in emergency situations
  • Perform maintenance


A variety of visualization schemes is available for any budget and project requirements:

  • Multi-channel rendering on highly-immersive 360 degree screens
  • Low-cost multi-monitor solutions
  • Personal HMD (Head-Mounted Display)

Traffic System

  • Multiple lanes
  • Two-way and one-way roads
  • Arbitrary crossroads (T-shaped intersections, roundabouts, etc.)
  • Multi-level roads
  • Speed limit zones
  • Overtaking prohibition zones
  • Priority signs
  • Configurable traffic lights


Thanks to the very optimized core technology, UNIGINE is capable of very detailed visualization for metropolitan areas with large visibility distance.