With UNIGINE 2 capacity of handling huge virtual scenes as large as the solar system, the technology can be used for visualization of various space missions:

  • Carrier Rockets
  • Space Vehicles
  • Satellites

Visual Fidelity

  • Sun light scattering in the atmosphere
  • Terminator line (twilight zone)
  • The Aurora Borealis

Space Walk

Thanks to extreme performance and scalability of UNIGINE 2, it is possible to visualize both detailed close-up views for space walk crew training, and distant space objects in the same time.

Satellite Fleet Visualization

Visualization of satellites' trajectories around the Earth:

  • Visualization of dynamically generated trajectories
  • Interactive satellite models
  • 3D model of the planet
  • Custom atmosphere rendering
  • Night cities lighting

Solar System Exploration

You are free to leave the Earth orbit to explore other celestial bodies.