UNIGINE offers leading software solutions for the maritime industry

Geometry waves with correct Beaufort scale, ship wake waves, shoreline simulation, underwater mode are available out of the box and used to create an immersive virtual environment for your purposes.

Maritime Simulation

Wide Spectrum of Simulators

From procedural simulators of operator stations in VR to panoramic full-mission bridge simulators. Tankers, commercial and military vessels, luxury boats, submarines—all types of vessels can be simulated.

Training Time Reduction

The realistic environment created by UNIGINE 2 enables a higher level of immersion thus increasing maritime training efficiency, reducing the training time and costs.

Emergency Training

Create your own scenarios to teach officers and crew how to manage any imaginable critical events in a sustainable and cost-efficient way. Spatial awareness in the stress scenarios increases efficiency of ship damage control.

Crew Training

The technology allows the real-time collaborative training of the several crew members in the same virtual environment in order to teach them ship handling and tactical communications.

Digital Twins

Create realistic virtual replicas of vessels and various systems of the ship and link them to the real-time IoT data.

Ship Management

Visualization is essential for cross-disciplinary teams in order to eliminate the terminological barrier and to ensure comprehensive cooperation. 3D modeling helps estimate and predict the need for maintenance, improvements or upgrades, thus tracking the performance of vessels throughout their life cycles.

Visual Marketing

High-impact VR-enabled presentations are indispensable for showing your amazing products or manufacturing facilities to customers and clients in the most modern, sustainable and comfortable way possible.

Autonomous Ships

The implementation of autonomous technologies helps exclude the human factor and sufficiently decrease the probability of accidents in the context of increasing complexity of technologies.

Machine Learning

Create virtual environment to train AI and improve computer vision algorithms. Use various scenarios including emergency situations to teach the AI all possible options much faster.

No False Training

The immersive virtual environment of UNIGINE 2 based projects makes virtual objects indistinguishable from real ones to increase the efficiency of computer vision learning.

CAD in Shipbuilding

Visual Collision Control

Find and fix collisions during the design phase by 3D visualization of components coming from different contractors within the same virtual environment in 1:1 scale. UNIGINE 2 supports direct import of CAD data in different formats, enabling fast iterations in the design-validation cycle. The digital representation of ship design and construction processes is an effective mechanism for engineering ramp up.

Ergonomics Optimization

Evaluate the ergonomic aspects of your vessel design for different operator stations. Immersive VR 3D prototypes help eliminate usability problems in the early stages, saving costs on iterative physical mockups.

UNIGINE 2 Key Features

Beaufort Scale 0-12

3D geometric waves featuring adaptive hardware tessellation allows simulation of Beaufort scale from 0 to 12, thus representing all possible sea states, from calm waters to the most violent storms.


You can create nice swash zones, where waves smoothly fade out right next to the shore. There is also an effect of wet sand and wet objects on the shore: stones, litter, etc.

Ship Wake Waves

UNIGINE 2 provides an effect of a stern wave (when moving vessels leave a long trail on the water) and a so-called bow wave in front of vessels.

Above and Underwater

  • Waterline
  • Subsurface light scattering
  • Dynamic foam
  • Underwater mode
  • Caustics
  • Dynamic reflections

High Precision Intersections

One of the key features is ability to perform multiple intersection tests with the water surface due to fine CPU/GPU sync. High precision of such tests even on very rough sea states allows correct vessels placement, visibility tests, and height above the surface requests.

Panoramic Displays

UNIGINE 2 provides configurable multi-monitor/projector system for ultra-resolution displays, up to 360-degree panorama.