Image courtesy of Ai3D Pty Ltd

Mining, Oil & Gas

UNIGINE enables truly realistic virtual reality simulations for training new and experienced operators, while meeting the strict standards of high consequence industries.

  • Powerful terrain technology
  • Immersive 360 degrees panoramic view
  • Planet-scale operations
  • Visualization of very complex vehicles and equipment
  • State-of-the art 3D graphics quality
  • Full dynamic control via C++ and C# APIs

Dynamic Environment

UNIGINE-powered simulators allow simulating routine operations (solid excavation, loading into trucks or railway carriages) as well as emergency cases (system malfunctions, mistakes of other vehicle operators).

Immersive Video Output Systems

UNIGINE's proprietary "Syncker" system allows multi-channel rendering involving several PCs (image generators, IGs) connected over a network, and performs synchronized rendering of the same scene with different viewports. This allows a stable 60 Hz frame rate even for ultra-resolution 360-degree
display systems.

Image courtesy of Topalsson

Flexibility and Customization

Every parameter of the virtual simulation can be dynamically changed, so it is possible to design any scenario, including those that would be difficult or impossible to create in real life conditions.