Image courtesy of Mumbear

Film & TV

GPU rendering helps to achieve faster iterations for pre-production and production stages thanks to the incredible performance of UNIGINE’s core - you can even throw in unoptimized 3D scanned objects or photogrammetry data without preparation and visualize it in real-time with UNIGINE. Support for image masking and EXR layered exports are helpful for chroma keying and further composing.

UNIGINE 2 provides necessary functionality for:

  • Creating virtual TV Studio
  • Pre-Visualization
  • Final GPU Rendering
Image courtesy of Mumbear


In order to work with chroma keying UNIGINE supports customizable image masking and alpha channel output.

There is also support for layered export to EXR format (HDRI), which is very helpful for further composing.

Ultra-Quality Mode

UNIGINE can work in non-real-time mode to achieve the best quality and resolution possible, while still rendering sequences much faster than traditional software thanks to GPU-accelerated algorithms. You can go even beyond 4K/8K resolution limits with consumer-level hardware.

Image courtesy of Mumbear

Fast and Beautiful

UNIGINE is perfect for pre-viz of both indoor and outdoor shots thanks to its superior performance and support for massive open scenes. There is no more compromise for visual quality: real-time pre-viz can be as beautiful as a modern video game, helping to deliver your creative vision more precisely.