Image courtesy of Shanghai Graphic Design Information


UNIGINE brings new level of visual quality for complex, detailed CAD projects, drastically increasing design productivity:

  • Superior Performance on CAD Data: a Lot of Parts, Millions of Polygons
  • Photo-Realistic Lighting and Materials
  • Powerful C++ API
  • Support for Professional GPUs
  • Embeddable as a High-Quality Viewport

Superior Performance

Perfect handling complex scenes (a lot of parts, millions of polygons) is a speciality of UNIGINE - both by runtime engine and the toolset.

There is also support for both consumer-level and professional GPUs (Quadro and FireGL series).


UNIGINE can be embedded as a high-quality viewport into your existing C++/C# application.

With UNIGINE it is possible to visualize disassembly and assembly in both unassisted and assisted modes, as well as display information from external databases.