is a real-time 3D engine for:
- Simulators
- GIS / BIM / Smart City
- Digital Twins in 3D
- Enterprise VR Learning

UNIGINE 2.10 is available


Precise Large-Scale Scenarios
Precise Large-Scale Scenarios

UNIGINE can seamlessly handle huge virtual worlds (thousands of kilometers in size, up to the Solar system scale) with first-person precision. Built-in 3D geoid model (WGS84, etc) and support of geo-coordinates enables planet-scale virtual environments.

This is crucial for flight simulation, transportation, urban planning in metropolis, distributed industrial enterprises, defense systems.

Real-Time Photoreal
Real-Time Photoreal

UNIGINE provides cutting-edge physically-based rendering, which enables correct representation of artificial objects and natural phenomena. Realistic atmosphere (multi-layer 3D clouds, 400 km visibility), lifelike water (Beaufort 0-12), detailed landscape (up to 1 mm terrain resolution), dynamic weather, simulation of optical effects.

Visual fidelity is critical for virtual training of both humans and computer vision of drones.

Made for Heavy Lifting
Made for Heavy Lifting

You can save time on data simplification step and directly load complex CAD data and 3D scans into the real-time environment. Raw performance of UNIGINE enables handling of very detailed 3D scenes: tens of thousands dynamic objects, tens of millions polygons.

Digital twins of complex enterprises, ever-changing environments in emergency response and defense, advanced engineering systems - all of them are performance-critical.

Universal Tool
Universal Tool

Unlike COTS, UNIGINE is a universal SDK which can be seen as a set of building blocks for various types of C++/C# applications.

You can build image generators with custom editors, embed high quality 3D viewports into your CAD application, visualize combined arms operations, create VR experiences - all of this based on the same technology. Thus saving budget by re-using content, code and expertise.

Tailored for Industrial Use
  • Multi-channel rendering
  • Support for curved screens (image warping and edge blending)
  • Support for industry protocols: CIGI, VRPN, etc.
  • Various sensors visualization (NVG, FLIR, thermal, etc.)
  • Support for Windows and Linux

Part of Your Team
Part of Your Team

We evolve UNIGINE to bring the cutting edge VR technologies for companies like yours. There are almost no 3rd-party dependencies, so UNIGINE has full control over quality and consistency of the technology. Stable SDK releases are rolled out every 2-3 months, featuring major improvements inspired by customers.

Our engineers provide on-site training and detailed daily consultations. There is also professional services team to deliver turnkey projects.

SDK Editions

UNIGINE 2 Entertainment
Games, Interior Visualization, Films, VR Apps
  • Core features
    • UNIGINE 2 Engine
    • Embedding into C++/C# apps
    • Support for VR headsets
from $83
per month
UNIGINE 2 Engineering
BIM, Urban Planning, CAD, Engineering, Smart Objects, GIS
  • Core features
    • UNIGINE 2 Engine
    • Embedding into C++/C# apps
    • Support for VR headsets
  • 64-bit  precision of coordinates
  • Geoid model (WGS84, etc.)
  • Video export (including 360)
  • Runtime data import
  • Video walls
Professional Simulators, Enterprise VR Systems, Computer Vision
  • Core features
    • UNIGINE 2 Engine
    • Embedding into C++/C# apps
    • Support for VR headsets
  • 64-bit  precision of coordinates
  • Geoid model (WGS84, etc.)
  • Video export (including 360)
  • Runtime data import
  • Video walls
  • Multi-channel rendering
  • CAVE
  • Curved screens support
  • Enhanced vision sensors

More than 200 companies worldwide use UNIGINE technologies

Searching a market I tested several popular game engines. Each of them is really a great piece of technology, but none of them met our requirements. We expected: photorealistic graphics out-of-the-box; easy C++ API connection with ArCADia (without complicated data marshalling); opportunity to get support from the developer; no royalty. UNIGINE was the one who satisfied all the requirements and it determined our choice.

My experience with Unigine SDK is great. Rich and very well documented API with many samples, straightforward concepts in code – everything seems to be in right place. I am able to do anything I need at runtime – that’s very important feature for us since whole scene is generated by user at runtime.

Forum is absolutely fantastic – I can ask any question and get a constructive answer from UNIGINE team very fast.

Adrian Rzeźniczak

Programmer at Software Development and Technical Support Department, ArCADiasoft (Poland)

We were using an open source real-time engine which lately did not develop fast enough to meet our expectations regarding a realistic look and usability. We could not find a way to solve the real programming issues, only forum questions did not help us.

We were looking for a real-time graphics engine with a realistic rendering and a fast and an easy-to-use editor at a reasonable pricing. We checked several engines and chose UNIGINE.

For us the visual quality that can be achieved in a short period of time via SSRTGI technology became a killing feature. Many thanks for good support, well-documented SDK and a fair license model.

We would recommend UNIGINE.

Ralf Preininger

Co-owner, EngineRaum GmbH (Germany)

Over the time we have been using UNIGINE, we have been impressed with the regular feature updates and improvements to systems and visual quality. UNIGINE’s abilities to handle very large simulation environments make it a first class realtime simulation solution.


Steve Brodie

CEO of Ai3D (Australia)

Our experience with UNIGINE Engine has proven that the work environment is convenient and the provided technical support is quick and of high quality. But most importantly, UNIGINE Engine allows us to get photorealistic image quality in real-time with excellent performance and scalability depending on the hardware resources. State-of-the-art real-time rendering technology found in UNIGINE Engine allows us to bring visual quality in our software complex to the top.

Gregory Krasnozhenov

head of "Visualization" project at Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (Russia)

UNIGINE 2 offers the best cutting-edge visuals with incredible simulation features that exceeds all other simulation competitor products while being more affordable.  Couple that with a team that is truly innovative and world-renowned for its technology and you get a product that will last the test of time.  Here at UNISOL Technologies, all of our projects are focused on utilizing UNIGINE 2 as a core because we not only believe in pushing boundaries in various professional industries, but also believe in UNIGINE’s heritage, vision, and passion on delivering the best visual technologies the world has ever seen.


Eric Liu

CEO of UNISOL Technologies (China)

Amazing technology and people. So pleased to be working with.


Murray Gamble

Director of Engineering at CogSim Technologies (Canada)

Visualization must be of the highest quality in our project. We spent a lot of time choosing the 3D engine for this work [ISS spacewalk missions simulator], and in the end we found out UNIGINE to be the most powerful graphical engine, so we decided to use this technology.

Dmitriy Akhmerov

Lead EVA Engineer at Rocket and Space Corporation "Energia" (Russia)

We have access to a lot of advanced 3D real-time technologies for our projects, but for all-new developments we have chosen UNIGINE Engine because of a comprehensive set of out-of-the-box capabilities, perfect quality and high performance.

Tomasz Krosnowski

VP of Trinity Interactive (Poland)

It is an ideal framework for industrial applications and games.


Patrick Gomez

R&D Director of ACTIPLAY SA (France)

The UNIGINE team has been very helpful in our process. Not only they have created useful documentation for their software, they are very available for e-mail consult. The improvement of this software is constant. We eagerly expect the next version, as each one brings features that not only make our job easier but enrich it in ever unexpected ways.

Edgardo Munoz-Najar

Development Manager of Qilqax International (Peru)

We have chosen UNIGINE engine because it can create an enticing image of any world you can possibly imagine. I can say for sure that this technology doesn't bound you in a visual style so a project can have its unique look. After a thorough examination of other engines, we highly appreciated this quality in UNIGINE. The atmosphere of the Cradle world owes much to flexibility of UNIGINE Engine.

Ilya Tolmachev

the Creative Director and Founder of Flying Cafe For Semianimals (Ukraine)

We were developing our internal engine when we discovered UNIGINE, which attracted us by its complete material editor and intuitive workflow. Because of our photorealistic approach to design and architecture visualization we decided to use UNIGINE technologies. The great power of this middleware will let PlaySys express its creativity, thanks to the rich set of features provided by UNIGINE.


Luca Deriu

Creative Director of PlaySys (Italy)

The thing I have most appreciated when working with UNIGINE, is that it makes possible to develop any features our clients need and do it very fast.


Bennet Holmes

Business Development Director of ACTISKU (France)

The performance of Unigine 2 Engine (Sim edition) as well as the graphical fidelity is very impressive. It marks a significant improvement over the previously used software. I especially like how one can control custom rendering calls . It's very flexible and quite easy to use. Rendering large landscapes is a key feature for us.

We licensed UNIGINE Sim for the continued development of our “DLR Visualization Library” for Modelica. This ensures that our software will continue to provide the highest graphics quality for high-class, realistic Visualizations, while preserving its easy integration into simulations.

Tobias Bellmann

Head of the DLR Systems and Control Innovation Lab (SCIL)

The list is incomplete due to NDA terms.

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